<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="936"%> <% sSql="select P_ProDuctClassID,P_Forder,P_ProductName,M_Name,P_FileName,P_ProductAddTime from baikedata,Forder where p_forder=M_ID group by P_ProDuctClassID,P_Forder,P_ID,M_ID,P_ProductName,M_Name,P_FileName,P_ProductAddTime order by P_ID DESC" oRs.open sSql,oConn,1,1 if oRs.bof and oRs.eof then response.redirect("/ver3.0/news/") else page=request.querystring("Page") oRs.PageSize = 15 if Not IsEmpty(page) then if Not IsNumeric(page) then page=1 else page = cint(page) end if if page > oRs.PageCount then oRs.AbsolutePage = oRs.PageCount page=oRs.pagecount elseif page <= 0 then page=1 oRs.AbsolutePage = 1 else oRs.AbsolutePage = page end if else page=1 oRs.AbsolutePage=1 end if end if %> 破碎机,磨粉机,制砂机产品百科-黎明重工科技股份有限公司
    <% For i = 1 to oRs.PageSize if oRs.EOF then Exit For end if Title=oRs("P_ProductName") P_forder=oRs("P_Forder") forder=oRs("M_Name") if Len(Title)>35 then NTitle=left(oRs("P_ProductName"),2)&"..." else NTitle=oRs("P_ProductName") end if d_time=split(oRs("P_ProductAddTime")," ") dl_time=split(d_time(0),"-") ds_time="" for j=0 to 2 if len(dl_time(j))<2 then ds_time=ds_time&"-0"&dl_time(j) else ds_time=ds_time&"-"&dl_time(j) end if next ds_time=right(ds_time,10) response.Write("
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